AcouSTO (Acoustic Simulation TOol)

An open source BEM solver released under GPL v3.0.

Umberto Iemma & Vincenzo Marchese
  • It can handle symmetries to reduce computing time.
  • Runs in parallel on MPI2 clusters.
  • It can handle an arbitrary number of 3D boundaries of arbitrary geometry.
  • It can handle an arbitrary number of point sources (monopoles and dipoles) and incoming plane waves.
  • Includes an interface to MySQL to easily store and retrieve the results of large test campaigns.

AcouSTO 1.6 released !

What's new
  • Geometry generation and data post-processing using Gmsh.
  • Improved Blender plug-in.
  • Improved symmetry management.
  • More efficient memory management in frequency response analyses.
  • More versatile and clean output generation.
  • Easier configuration, compatible with latest OpenMPI and Scalapack releases.
  • More reliable and stable.
  • More tutorials! See inside doc folder.